(Last Updated On: October 29, 2021)

Can you believe my daughters spotted this bald eagle perched high up in this tree right across the street from our house this morning??? They thought it was the most unbelievable site in the world. Through all of their screaming and jumping up and down, I was finally able to ask them what was going on. They pointed towards the bald eagle and shouted with all their might it’s an EAGLE!!!! My daughters are 7 and 9 years old so this was very exciting for them. It was pretty amazing to see this amazing wild animal right across the street.

I recently bought a long telephoto lens in which I hope to capture bald eagles and other animal wildlife photos much more close up than I could get for this photo.

Look at the gallery below to see some more of my favorite bald eagle photos that I have photographed. The photo above can also be found in the gallery below. This photo is available to buy as a print or digital download.

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