Lava Entering the Ocean Photo in Hawaii

Lava Entering the Ocean Photo in Hawaii

When my husband and I traveled to Hawaii to get married, we spent the next two weeks visiting two Hawaiian Islands, Kauai, and The Big Island. On the Big Island, we were intrigued by the spot we heard about where you can see lava entering the ocean coming from Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.

Lava Steam
Lava Steam in ocean photo
walking on lava fields photo
My husband walking on the dried lava fields on our 6 hour round trip trek

We found the area to start the hike to the location not really knowing how long it would take. We starting trekking and about 3 hours later we finally made it! We did not expect it to take that long, but we continued going nonetheless.

The site was a spectacular sight to see. When we arrived it was still light and we wanted to wait until the sunset we could see the lava light at night. I’m glad we waited to see it because it was a sight I will never forget.

After we stayed and photographed as much as we could we decided to trek back to our car. This proved to be a difficult situation as now it was pitch dark outside and we did not come prepared. We had one little tiny headlamp to share to find our way back in the dark. The trail consisted of a high cliff right along the edge of the ocean. We managed to make our way back 3 more hours in the dark. We were very thankful we made it without any issues!

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