(Last Updated On: October 29, 2021)

A scenic picture taken of some of the Red Rock hills seen in Sedona Arizona state.

This photo was taken with blue sky seen in the background. The rocks surrounding Sedona are red because of iron. Sandstone is porous, and when water carrying dissolved iron drains through the sandstone, some of the iron is left behind, and it is this iron in the form of iron oxide, which is red, that coats the grains of quartz and gives it color.

People come to visit the Sedona area because of the famous red rocks. They are really beautiful to see with your own eyes.

This Red Rock, Sedona photo was taken with these camera settings:

  • Camera Body: Canon EOS 20D
  • Shutter Speed: 1/320 seconds
  • Lens Aperature: f/5.6
  • Focal Length: 24 mm
  • ISO: 200
  • Image Quality: JPG

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