North Head Lighthouse, Washington Art Painting

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A close up picture taken of the North Head Lighthouse located in Washington State. The North Head Lighthouse was built in response to an increase in the number of shipwrecks along the Peninsula as mariners coming from the north could not see the Cape Disappointment light. The North Head is the windiest lighthouse area on the West Coast and the third windiest in the nation. Winds of 120 miles per hour have been recorded at the site.

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  • Lens Aperture: F/9
  • Focal Length: 214 mm
  • Image Resolution: 2200 x 3276 pixels
  • Image Size: 3.44 MB (JPG), 20.6 MB (TIF)
  • Date Photo Taken: June 17, 2005 12:29 PM
  • File Name: 510_lighthouse.jpg
  • Image ID: # 510
  • Date added to website: 10-Jul-2005

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