Mission Gardens, Santa Clara University Art Painting

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A scenic photo of the Mission Gardens and Nobili Hall located at Santa Clara University on a beautiful sunny day with bright blue sky. Santa Clara University is located in the heart of California's Silicon Valley. It offers a rigorous undergraduate curriculum in the arts and sciences, business, and engineering. It has nationally recognized graduate and professional schools in business, law, engineering, pastoral ministries, and counseling psychology and education.

The 8,047-student, Catholic, Jesuit university has a 153-year tradition of educating the whole person for a life of service and leadership. Santa Clara was founded in 1851 by the Society of Jesus as "Santa Clara College," is California's oldest institution of higher learning. It was established on the site of the Mission Santa Clara de Asis, the eighth of the original 21 California missions. At the center of the campus is the Mission Santa Clara de Asis, surrounded by the roses and palm trees of the historic Mission Gardens.

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  • Date added to website: 21-Dec-2004

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