Palm Trees Leading to Sunset Blvd. Photo

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A scenic picture taken of the hundreds of palm trees located in Beverly Hills while approaching the famous Sunset Boulevard street. This picture was taken on a sunny day with blue sky above the palm trees. Sunset Boulevard is one of the world's most famous streets. Sunset Boulevard passes through Hollywood, then becomes the Sunset Strip as it passes through West Hollywood, weaves its way through Beverly Hills and Bel-Air, and finally winds its way through the rustic foothills of the Santa Monica mountains, to finally end at the Pacific Ocean near Malibu.

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  • Shutter Speed: 1/640 seconds
  • Lens Aperture: F/9
  • Focal Length: 28 mm
  • Image Resolution: 2048 x 3072 pixels
  • Image Size: 3.91 MB (JPG), 18 MB (TIF)
  • Date Photo Taken: May 29, 2005 3:04 PM
  • File Name: 751_sunset_blvd.jpg
  • Image ID: # 751
  • Date added to website: 5-Nov-2005

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