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A scenic picture taken of the Fairmont Hotel located in downtown San Jose, California. Fairmont Hotels & Resorts is the largest luxury hotel company in North America, with a distinctive collection and a worldwide reputation for excellence. Hotels under the Fairmont banner offer guests an extraordinary place that is created by combining unique architecture and structure, expressive decor and artistry, and magnificent features all in one great location. The Fairmont San Jose plays an integral role in the community, hosting presidents, dignitaries, celebrities, CEOs and noted scholars. In addition, The Fairmont San Jose partners with San Jose's finest charitable and social organizations to host such events as the Santa Clara Golden Circle, the Junior League Gala, as well as fund-raisers for organizations such as The Tech Museum of Innovation and Bellarmine Preparatory Academy.

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  • Date Photo Taken: May 28, 2005 6:46 PM
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  • Date added to website: 7-Aug-2005

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