Heceta Head Lighthouse, Oregon Coast Picture

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A scenic picture taken of the Heceta Head Lighhouse located on the Oregon coast, just after the famous Sea Lion Caves. The lighthouse is a working lighthouse and has a height of 205 feet above the Pacific Ocean. To the right of the lighthouse is the Keeper's house. There are some spectacular view seen from the front porch of the Keeper's house. Whales sometimes stop by at high tide and use the shallow rocks to scratch the barnacles off their sides. Up by the light house is some of the best whale watching one can do from dry land. Heceta Head Lighthouse is one of the most visited lighthouses in the United States drawing thousands of visitors each year to sense its history, romantic aura, and spectacular view. The Heceta (pronounced he-SEE-tuh) Head Lighthouse, constructed in 1874, was named for Spanish explorer Don Bruno De Heceta. Its light is the most powerful beacon on the Oregon coast, visible 21 miles out to sea.

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  • Date Photo Taken: June 16, 2005 1:07 PM
  • File Name: 457_heceta_lighthouse.jpg
  • Image ID: # 457
  • Date added to website: 3-Jul-2005

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