Photo-shopped / Color Splash Photos

Purchase photography by a professional photographer. The photographer displays art photography of Photo-shopped photos. Specifically, a variety of pictures that have been photo-shopped or manipulated in some way are some of the photos seen in this gallery. Definitely, check back often because new photos are always being added.

Creative Art Photography

Photography is not entirely about what the camera gear can do. Moreover, photography is about what the photographer’s creativity can imagine. Because of this, the photographer has hand edited each one of these photos. Post-processing is done in the digital studio to enhance each photo in some way. The most digitally enhanced issues in the final composition include:

  • Color correction
  • White balance correction
  • Exposure issues
  • Contrast and brightness issues
  • Touching up any blemishes or other noticeable unwanted items

In conclusion, Adobe Photoshop and Digital Photo Professional are the primary tools used to enhance the final photographs.

Buy an Artistic Photograph

In case you are interested, options are available for different size fine art prints and digital image downloads to buy in the lightbox. In order to purchase, customers need to click on the photo to bring up purchase options.

Finally, please visit the Fine Art Print Information page to learn more about buying a print from us.

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